Son has been making these pieces for awhile and others have asked for them so we thought we would see if there is interest.  They are used  in thru hull exhaust outlet applications. Sure, you can drill a hole in the transom and stick a 7/16 brass extension on your pipe and it works, BUT why not have a nice clean and trick look.  Remember, each is made individual so specs shown in detail are close.First set of pictures shows use with 1/2 inch ID hose OVER piece.Second set of pictures shows use with 1/2 OD brass tube inside fit.   Your preference.   Part can be used either way.

Thru Transom Exhaust Fitting and Mount

  • Overall length...1 1/8 inch to 1 1/4 Outlet flange...3/4 inch OD Thru hull 11/16 INCH OD Piece ID 1/2 INCH 1 assembly

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