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It has 5 mega capacitors of 63v, 470mf, 8agw wire with battery spark suppression wire, heat sink, powerful Mosfet, USB link to program it.. No BEC. A Receiver pack is required.Factory Siliconed to provide water resistance but it's not claimed to be totally waterproof.Measures 6 3/4 long, 2 1/4 wide and 3/4 high. It's thinProgramming link cord included. 8 AWG wire. Transmitter calibration is automatic.Specs:Size: 160 x 60 x 20 – Weight: 370gBattery voltage from 3S to 12S.Simply set function value by Pro-Box, by PC via USB kits or by trasmitter.Two way communication while connecting it with computer.Firmware will be upgraded automatically.LVCTiming settings may be adjusted (0°- 30°)per degree to suit the motor type3 types of throttle curve3 types of acceleration control.Motor rotation programmable.Auto cut off power within 3 seconds in case of signal loss.This ESC is made in the United Kingdom through "Alien Power Systems"

Liquidation BLOWOUT Alien 300A 3-12S Boat ESC HV

  • BATTERY TYPE:Ni-XX、Li-XX NUMBER OF CELLS: Auto,2,3… LVC: programmable PWM frequency: 8 – 16 – 32 FORWARD POINT:Auto、fixed 1.0mS、fixed 1.1mS、fixed 1.2mS、fixed 1.3mS、fixed 1.4mS, fixed 1.5mS REVERSE POINT:Auto、fixed 1.7mS、fixed 1.8mS、fixed 1.9mS、fixed 2.0mS MOTOR POLE N°:motor poles number, 2-4, 6-10, 12-14 (HELI ONLY) THROTTLE CURVER: Logarithmical、linear、Exponential ACCELERATION: Soft / Medium / Hard TIMING MONITOR:On/Off DELAY TIME FORWARD TO REVERSE: MS (CAR/BOAT ONLY) PWM LIMIT: 0N/OFF (CAR/BOAT) MODE HELI: CONSTANT RPM/NORMAL (GOVERNOR MODE) CURRENT LIMIT: AMP (CAR ONLY) ABS BRAKING: % (CAR ONLY) MOTOR TIMING DEGREES: 0°、1°、2°、3°、4°……30° TIMING MONITOR:On/Off ROTATION:Left/Right REVERSE: ON/OFF (CAR/BOAT ONLY) Warranty All products sold by Alien Electronics Limited are tested prior to distribution by AE and carry the full manufacturers warranty. They are warranted to be free from any defects in materials or workmanship for a period of [12 months] from the date of purchase to the original retail buyer. AE aims to deal with any warranty problem as quickly and efficiently as possible and AE will in its sole discretion either repair the product or in certain cases, offer a replacement. Where it is necessary to return certain items to the manufacturer for inspection and or repair, this will cause a delay of up to [12 weeks]. If you have any problems with your purchases please contact AE by email at and we will respond as soon as reasonably possible. If however you need to return the goods please return the faulty item together with your original receipt to: Alien Electronics LTD, 48-52 penny lane, L18 1GD Liverpool, UK. We regret that we cannot refund postage cost. This warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, modification, crashes or vibration, all of which will invalidate the warranty.
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