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Replace those tie wraps with these spring clamps that maintain continuous tightening on your coupler. Pliers spread these to about 1 1/4 inches and close to 1 inch.  We use these on couplers with a 3/4 inch ID. We use the 29mm for pipe side where coupler is pressed over the tuned pipe. Makes your material last longer and makes for a tight coupler to header/pipe contact.  The result is not letting exhaust gases to leak, thereby maintaing good horespower.  These are far superior to ones you might find at McMaster and are much more user friendly.

26mm Header Coupler Spring Clamp (1 clamp)

  • If your header slides into your pipe you may consider one spring size larger for the pipe side as your coupler stretches over pipe. For example in this 3/4 ID SPRING ON HEADER SIDE AND A 7/8 ID ON PIPE SIDE. This really depends on coupler wall thickness but works well with the 3/4 ID coupler material we offer.
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