H&P Racing presents another great product for your 1/6 Scale Boat.  Designed to not move once secure by having two channels for tightening and also allows for positioning port or starboard to offset torque steer.  Beautifully machined using CNC programming.  Used in a 1/4” cable application. Weight is 3.5 oz without mounting-screws.  Bushings installed in strut.

They can be angled up to three degrees to the starboard side to offset the effects of prop-walk.  This enables you to set the boat up to go straight with little to no rudder input.  This makes driving the boat easier and less rudder input means less speed loss due to the scrubbing effect of an angled rudder.  The slotted holes in the mounting brackets allow you to drill one set of holes in your boat and move the entire strut incrementally until you are happy with the setup.  And of course, they are made in America and milled from billet aluminum.  

1/6 Scale Extended Strut