I won the 2015 ,2016, 2017 and 2018 Driver High Points Series in RC Unlimiteds with this motor. Also includes Water Jacket  and Carbon Fiber/ Alum Motor Mount in this package.  Mount is intended for epoxying to tub floor or to a doubler that you can screw through bottom. This motor KV was approved as a RC Unlimiteds motor for FE competition in 2014. It is Now an approved NAMBA motor for 1/8 Scale FF. . -Diameter : 39 mm -Length : 98 mm-Shaft Dia. : 8 mm -Weight : 560 grams -Poles :4

Combination HET 700-98-840Kv

  • Model No. KV Rm(ohm) Io(A) Weight (g) Length(mm) Continuos watts Max. watts Max of cells Application 700-98-840KV

Rattlesnake RC

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